Save on European cover

15% discount – cover from £3 per day!*

We have teamed up with Allianz Global Assistance, an award-winning provider of European Breakdown Cover, to bring you a highly flexible and competitively priced range of solutions.

European Breakdown Cover is available whether you are driving your own car or a company car. It can provide flexible cover with a wide range of options for Single trips and, if you drive abroad frequently you could save time and money with an Annual Multi-trips policy.

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How to get this benefit

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Key Features of cover

  • Cover before you leave (within 7 days of departure)
    – Replacement vehicle (per day) – £250 (£100)
    – Breakdown assistance – Unlimited
  • Emergency roadside repairs and getting your vehicle to a garage – £250
  • Getting the insured vehicle back
    – Vehicle storage – £100
    – Returning the vehicle – £600
  • If there is no qualified driver available
    – Transporting home – Unlimited
    – Vehicle storage – £100
    – Additional accommodation (per day) – £450 (£45)
  • 14 day money back guarantee
  • Great value for money and secure payment processing

* £3 is dependent on the age of your vehicle and trip duration

Terms and Conditions

For full details, please read the European Breakdown Cover Policy Wording.

Annual Multi-Trip features

• Covers multiple trips in any one year, for up to 31 days on any one trip
• Maximum age of vehicle must be under 12 years

Single Trip features

• Covers trips up to 90 days in duration
• Maximum age of vehicle must be under 12 years

Vehicles Covered:

• A car, motorcycle over 150cc, motorised caravan, minibus, light van, estate car or 4×4 sport utility vehicle registered in the United Kingdom. Towed Caravans are not covered unless agreed in writing by us and the extra premium paid.
• Less than 12 years old at the date you buy the policy.
• Not more than 3,500kg in weight (including any load), 7 metres long,
3 metres high and 2.3 metres wide.

Eligibility requirements:

To be eligible to purchase these insurance products you must be at least 18 years of age, resident in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or Isle of Man. For full details please read the policy wording.

Please note: This is a non-advised sale administered by Voyager Insurance Services Ltd. on behalf of Allianz Global Assistance. If you opt to purchase insurance through this third party website, you will be solely responsible for ensuring that the selected insurance products are suitable for your specific needs. We encourage you to read the terms and conditions, policy wordings and privacy policies provided by Voyager Insurance Services Ltd. If you have any questions about the insurance services and products, and the handling of your personal information, please call Voyager Insurance Services Ltd on 01483 562 662.  Copyright © 2015 Voyager Insurance Services Ltd. All rights reserved.  Voyager Insurance Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Firm reference no. 305814) and is working with Allianz Global Assistance to provide European Breakdown Cover.