Welcome to the Studley Wood Benefits Programme

Lucky Thursdays


Win £100…£200…£300 or more!

Every Thursday night a Member’s name is chosen at random

If we pick your name and you are dining with us – you win £100!

If the winner isn’t there, the £100 is added to the following week’s prize!

I am delighted to welcome all of our members to the new benefits programme website. 

As you know, the club has always strived to be a really friendly club and the introduction of these benefits is another milestone for us all.  We have been working hard to introduce a wide range of offers and I know that our partners in this programme would welcome any feedback on making it better, or introducing new services or offers that you think club members would benefit from.

I really hope that you and your families will take full advantage of all these offers – let us know how much you save because there will be a competition to reward our top savers!

Yours sincerely

Ken Heathcote

More Prizes

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Every Saturday afternoon at 3pm to a Benefit Programme member will win a prize, such as cinema tickets, football tickets and hospitality.

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